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SR-22 Certification

Let Affiliated Agencies Of Virginia Inc. get you back on the right track after an automotive conviction, with SR-22 certification.

FR-44 Certification

Don't deal with confusing DMV rules alone. Backed by decades of experience, we'll guide you toward obtaining FR-44 certification.


Avoid headaches with the DMV by knowing the facts. View our answers to frequently asked questions regarding SR-22 documentation.



Who We Are

Find the coverage you need regardless of your driving history, with services from our insurance company in Norfolk, Virginia. Founded in 1977, Affiliated Agencies Of Virginia Inc. insures individuals who have been cancelled, declined, non-renewed, and uprated by other agencies. We are non-judgmental and keep everything confidential.

After more than 37 years specializing in DUI auto insurance and SR-22 and FR-44 certification, we've seen every kind of case and become extremely familiar with the DMV rules. We are able to get lower insurance quotes on SR-22s and FR-44s than anyone else and work with drivers to obtain better rates as time goes on.

Contact our agency for the most reasonable rates and easy payment plans.